2004: The Beginning of Undisputed Grooves

(The 2004 flyer that started it all.)

The original draft & design paperwork, with all the different idea’s and doodles still exists today and there where multiple ideas for logo layouts and names… 

Once a design was complete, off to the printers it went… Now with the artwork printed the night was ready to promote, so Uncle T and Damien Jay hit the streets spreading the word. The night ended up really catching on, making Undisputed Grooves the hottest night in town.

(Uncle T- digging through the crates. Damien Jay- on the wheels of steel.)

The venue was in the UK’s City of Peterborough, had Undisputed Grooves pumping with “the very best in feel-good dance music” had the music from the DJ booth fed to both levels. The main dance floor downstairs was where all the groovy kids busted moves on the central dance floor. The show was held every Saturday night until 2006. Before Undisputed Grooves started to rock the Saturday nights, the venue was pulling an average of about 800 people through the door on a transient night. After a short period of time Undisputed Grooves was achieving record figures of over 2000 coming through the door to hear the latest sounds around! The music was the very best in decent feel good house music, that the average person would like (which is what UG does best), there were also R&B and pop mashup sets. With the Undisputed Grooves team on board Edwards fast became the spot for House Music, that made you dance. All ages would be getting down, and the dance floor packed with the hottest people in town!


For two years the large two-tier venue held the 2004 Undisputed Grooves party, hosted by Damien Jay and Uncle T (with appearances from UG’s official crowd booster ‘Duracell Kev’).

(Duracell Kev – goes all night…)

In 2004 Undisputed Grooves also got its first airtime on an underground radio station with a weekly Sunday morning show called ‘The Undisputed Grooves; Detox House Party’. The show had listeners from Europe & parts of Asia (many times the show was operated by Uncle T and Damien Jay often on zero sleep from the night before).

(Damien Jay – dropping the beat)

(Uncle T – Diggin through the crates)

(Uncle T- on the crowd boost with a member of the UG team)


Listen to Undisputed Grooves only on D3ep Radio

d3ep radio - undisputed grooves - show flyer 2014


The show plays out of Las Vegas weekly at the following times around the world.

• Hawaii 3pm-5pm Saturdays

• Vegas/LA 6pm-8pm Saturdays

• Chicago 8pm-10pm Saturday nights

• NYC 9pm-11pm Saturday night

• Brazil 9-11pm Saturday Nights

• London 2am-4am Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings

• Italy 3am-5am Saturday nights/Sunday Mornings

• Sweden (Stockholm) 3am-5am Saturday nights

• Africa (east) 3am-5am Saturday nights

• Ibiza 3am-5am Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings

• Russia 5am-7am Sunday Mornings

• Dubai 5am-7am Sunday Mornings

• Sri Lanka 6:30am-8:30am Sunday Mornings

• Thailand 8am-10am Sunday Mornings

• Philippines 9am-11am Sunday

• Indonesia 9am-11am Sunday Mornings

• Australia 10:30am-12:30 Sunday Mornings

• Korea 11am-1pm Sunday Mornings






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