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How many times have you passed by that big white building with the purple trim, on the corner of Sahara and the I-15? Go on, be honest. I had the same reaction when I learned that Undisputed Grooves frontman and sexy house pioneer DJ Damien Jay would be hosting this week’s edition of Let It Be Thursdays, exclusively at the Artisan Hotel lounge. This week also bolstered special guest mixes by the impressive Miss Dust, and always-faithful DJ Nateski. Here at NickiDeclares, we made our promise to not only give you the truth about Las Vegas nightlife, but also give credit where credit is due to those working hard to keep the party alive. Let It Be Thursdays is one of those parties that shouldn’t be missed.artisan1-150x150
Let It Be draws in locals, and gives them what they want: stiff drinks with radical specials, no cover or dress code, no two-hour waits, and above all, world-renowned DJs spinning the freshest, sexiest tracks out there. The Artisan Hotel is also one of the oldest hotels in Las Vegas, which is why I’m slightly forgiving for the poor sound system in the lounge. The intricate, antique art decor, however, desperately needs to change. It was like a scene from the movie Clue. I kept expecting Casper the friendly ghost to come out of the wall and magically float my gin across the room. Correction: my $9 gin, not $4 like originally advertised in the drink specials. The old black-and-white movies playing on large flat-screens throughout the lounge was a nice touch, however.
The party kicks off at ten, and this week at the front of the decks was resident DJ Nateski. The Artisan faithful are used to seeing him at their pool club as well as the lounge, and he was ready to please.

damien-300x225UK heavyweight Damien Jay took to the decks around 12:45am and I will admit, he caught me completely off-guard. Determined to give audiences a pre-Electric Daisy Carnival show to be remembered, he lured the crowd in with his meek, toothy grin, and took the lounge like a hurricane, opening up with “Le Disko” by Shiny Toy Guns. His experience as a singer, songwriter, producer, and radio host all collided this evening as he took the Artisan lounge on a sensual journey into music. Damien earned raised drinks and applause with house remixes and edits of “Glamorous” by Fergie, “Hearts on Fire” by Cut Copy, and a new track that is swiftly gaining popularity, “Rolling in the Deep” by Adele. I personally could not hide an ear-to-ear smile of excitement as the first few notes of “Hold On” by Rusko featuring Amber Coffman and “Stereo Love” by Edward Maya poured out. Damien did not forget to include bits and pieces of his own flair and boyish personality to his set, even comically leaving the booth mid-track to grab a drink at the bar. Damien Jay is the Pink Panther of Las Vegas nightlife, and he was genuinely pleased to be able to share Let It Be with fans. It was evident in the tracks he selected, how he played them, and his interactions outside the booth. The Undisputed Grooves brand has a lot in the works, and Las Vegas is blessed to be a part of that process.

Not to be outdone, breakbeat and electrohouse local legend DJ Miss Dust was the guest this week who took over for Damien around 2:15am. Snappily dressed for the occasion in a pink sleeveless sweater with a fur hood, cute and spunky Miss Dust started her portion of the party with “We miss-dust-300x225Run the Night” by Tonite Only. Miss Dust powered through minute after minute of some of the hottest trance and electrohouse I’ve heard to date, including the new “Forever” from Wolfgang Gartner featuring Will.I.Am. My only complaint is that no one ever knows when or where Miss Dust will be next. She is definitely a DJ I would recommend partying with, assuming you can find her. She’s funny, fun, and outrageously talented on the decks, deciding what feels right and just going with it.
Overall, Let It Be Thursdays at the Artisan Hotel’s lounge is a complete hit. The diverse crowd, polite and entertaining bartending staff, smooth sounds, and complete 180-degree turn from traditional Vegas clubs is a welcome change. These more intimate venues are ideal for a night on the town without the hustle. Instead of miniskirts and 12-inch stilettos, there was an even mix of flip-flops and jeans, baseball caps and button down shirts. It’s comfortable, quiet, and gives fans the ample opportunity to rub shoulders with some of the greatest rising DJs out there.

Article by Ant @ Marieclaires


Listen to Undisputed Grooves only on D3ep Radio

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The show plays out of Las Vegas weekly at the following times around the world.

• Hawaii 3pm-5pm Saturdays

• Vegas/LA 6pm-8pm Saturdays

• Chicago 8pm-10pm Saturday nights

• NYC 9pm-11pm Saturday night

• Brazil 9-11pm Saturday Nights

• London 2am-4am Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings

• Italy 3am-5am Saturday nights/Sunday Mornings

• Sweden (Stockholm) 3am-5am Saturday nights

• Africa (east) 3am-5am Saturday nights

• Ibiza 3am-5am Saturday Nights/Sunday Mornings

• Russia 5am-7am Sunday Mornings

• Dubai 5am-7am Sunday Mornings

• Sri Lanka 6:30am-8:30am Sunday Mornings

• Thailand 8am-10am Sunday Mornings

• Philippines 9am-11am Sunday

• Indonesia 9am-11am Sunday Mornings

• Australia 10:30am-12:30 Sunday Mornings

• Korea 11am-1pm Sunday Mornings






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