It’s 2020; “Time to Go Go” so let’s get back on the Radio with Video Live-streaming – let’s get D3ep…

Undisputed Grooves back on the airwaves!

It’s been a few years hatius But we are back but rather than being able to listen to Damian J dropping the beats live from Las Vegas you can now watch fire video stream at the following Streaming websites belowAs well as being a live on On Saturdays at 4 PM Pacific standard Time, 7 PM Eastern time, or midnight in London/UK time. We’ve been setting up quite the technology system and the brand-new studioAnd have already began to select some epically amazing ‘Feelgood dance music’ beats for enjoy every weekend. #GetD3ep

Streaming Weekly on & Video Streaming with the sound of the global underground

CHECK OUT THE YOUTUBE STREAM BELOW (the one they don’t block… ahem like Facebook)

The radio show will be Video Streaming on the following outlets LIVE:

IT”S TIME TO GO GO! “Dancing to Save the Animals”

Mythical Creatures and Costume!

DJ Damien Jay and Undisputed Grooves is selecting the soundtrack for an amazing media project called ‘Time to Go-Go’ which is a television and digital media project featuring the hottest go- go dancers from around the world. It’s a dance music television program that promotes electronic dance music, using comedy and hilarious characters thrown into the mix.

Amazing moves on Time To Go Go

The incredible performers are “Dancing to Save the Animals”- raising money, and creating awareness to especially help aide the endangered species around the globe. Check out the Pilot Episode below:

Check out

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#SaveThemAll #dancingtosavetheanimals #timetogogo

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