So, few people have asked for some of the older stuff like tracks I’d play in my dj mashups club sets, remixes, and ALL the old Undisputed Grooves mixtapes 2004-??.

So I put them in a cloud, so you can get them all for free right below

CLICK HERE for hours of feel good dance music ❤


Damien Jay


DJ Damien Jay makes it into the history of house music with the godfather of the genre…

Jesse Saunders’ story is one of the most important in the history of popular culture. He is an American DJ, record producer, film producer and entrepreneur. He is one of the pioneers of house music, often cited as “the originator of house music” by critics and historians.

Jesse Saunders back in the day

His 1984 single, “On & On”, co-written with Vince Lawrence, was the first record with a house DJ as the artist that was pressed and sold to the public which launched the House music movement across the land.

The Originator of House Music

Eventually, his style of music would come to sell millions of records and CDs, take over the popular consciousness of millions of kids across the earth and cement the electronic revolution in music. 

Jesse has been featured in and even written books about the history of music and in 2020 released his latest edition “In Their Own Words,” Tells the Story of House Music from The Ones who lived it in a unique compilation of true stories.

Damien Jay is set to be one of the only DJs in Las Vegas chosen to be featured in this amazing book as a major influencing contributor to the house music scene from London to Las Vegas with his live DJ sets and radio shows that have spanned over 20 years.

Dj Damien Jay – hard at work

Damien Jay said “I’m extremely grateful that Jesse Saunders the godfather of our genre picked me as one of the chosen few to be featured in his new book about the history of house music – I was amazed that he picked me amongst all these DJs from around the world and that I finally got to tell my story with no filters in a way that should shock, entertain, and encourage others to follow the life path of the dance music DJ.”

In Their Own Words – By Jesse and friends

The book is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and features 83 individual stories from people from London to Chicago and around the world detailing when they fell in love with house music, and the role house music played in their lives.  The book is a beautiful description of how house music touched so many during the 80s and 90s.   Detailing the timeline of the origination of house music, from how it emerged from the days of Disco to now, with so many proclaiming themselves to be “House Heads,” Jesse Saunders captures why house music remains more than a musical genre but a lifestyle that promotes love, peace, and unity.

Check out “In Their Own Words” on Amazon – click below

It’s 2020; “Time to Go Go” so let’s get back on the Radio with Video Live-streaming – let’s get D3ep…

Undisputed Grooves back on the airwaves!

It’s been a few years hatius But we are back but rather than being able to listen to Damian J dropping the beats live from Las Vegas you can now watch fire video stream at the following Streaming websites belowAs well as being a live on On Saturdays at 4 PM Pacific standard Time, 7 PM Eastern time, or midnight in London/UK time. We’ve been setting up quite the technology system and the brand-new studioAnd have already began to select some epically amazing ‘Feelgood dance music’ beats for enjoy every weekend. #GetD3ep

Streaming Weekly on & Video Streaming with the sound of the global underground

CHECK OUT THE YOUTUBE STREAM BELOW (the one they don’t block… ahem like Facebook)

The radio show will be Video Streaming on the following outlets LIVE:

IT”S TIME TO GO GO! “Dancing to Save the Animals”

Mythical Creatures and Costume!

DJ Damien Jay and Undisputed Grooves is selecting the soundtrack for an amazing media project called ‘Time to Go-Go’ which is a television and digital media project featuring the hottest go- go dancers from around the world. It’s a dance music television program that promotes electronic dance music, using comedy and hilarious characters thrown into the mix.

Amazing moves on Time To Go Go

The incredible performers are “Dancing to Save the Animals”- raising money, and creating awareness to especially help aide the endangered species around the globe. Check out the Pilot Episode below:

Check out

View this post on Instagram

#SaveThemAll #dancingtosavetheanimals #timetogogo

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Damien Jay – resident DJ Sapphire Las Vegas



DJ Damien Jay has brought his Undisputed Grooves to one of the top venues in Las Vegas as a resident DJ at Sapphire Las Vegas – one of the worlds largest clubs playing House, Hip Hop, Trap, and club music Friday & Saturday Nights with hundreds of gorgeous girls in the house nightly plus you can often catch your favorite movie stars, pop stars and  VIP superstar seen frequenting the venue checking out the wicked beats with Damien Jay and his other DJ pals.


In the Summertime check out the Sapphire Pool, Las Vegas’ only fully topless gentlemen’s day-club, & pool with the HardNox boys resident DJ’s holding it down with Damien Jay on guest DJ Rotation throughout 2019.

Contact Sapphire “Massive gentlemen’s club offering skyboxes, private rooms, & numerous stages.”
Address3025 S Sammy Davis Jr Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89109


Open 24 hours .  Phone(702) 869-0003


HIGH MONARK -logo 1.pngAlso, watch out for the new music project ‘HIGH MONARK’ featuring Damien Jay of Undisputed Grooves and Cherokee Edyn (model, actress, and model) together as world-famous Vocalist, Producers, and DJs. “This Las Vegas-based duo has international roots playing House Music, UK Bass, and Trap. Their produced tracks are influenced by these genres of Dance Music and Pop Music.”

They are sure to make the bass pound and get the whole club jumping!

High Monark press photo 2 1.jpgWatch out for the first tropical single BRIGHT LIGHTS dropping soon on their SoundCloud!


DJ Damien Jay (2016 interview for D3ep Radio)

Thoughts from DJ Damien Jay, all the way from the UK…


Images of DJ Damien Jay took whilst playing at Techno Taco Tuesday in Las Vegas 2016



See all of Damien Jay’s Podcasts as heard on D3ep Radio! <<<


What made you want to DJ?
I used to listen to late night radio and heard a Pete Tong show when I was about 14 or 15 years old and thought to myself “I want to do that!” (infect the first record I played in my room I pretended to present it like on the radio to myself lol) – at the time I was playing guitar, bass and singing with local bands on stage.


I started to hang out with cooler kids who dj’d Drum & Bass and smoked grass, so before I knew it I’d traded in my guitar in for a pair of DLP3 turntables… my gosh they were horrible because one of them had a platter that detached, so rather than just rock back n forth, the platter would go up and down.

It was a bit of a nightmare so you had to be really gentle with them… but they were better than no turntables, and it certainly helped develop the touch needed when you’re playing ‘needle on the record style’. Over time I slowly moved from playing Jungle records into mixing house and before I knew it I was the opening DJ for a pretty major club where every week somebody like Boy George, Graham Gold, Brandon Block or Alex P would come in and play.

What was the first track you bought specifically to DJ with?
It was something on Manifesto records in 95 or 96 but the title slips me… I’m guessing it was maybe Gusto Disco’s Revenge… but really the first stuff was all white labels that the local record stores would give me at a super cheap price… I have them all still stored in the UK

Everybody wants to be a DJ these days. What ignites your passion for continuing, despite the competitiveness within club culture?

Wanting to be a DJ is fair enough; I just ask people in all seriousness to really study their craft, learn to beat match by ear with multiple formats (and without using auto cue), put your time in and earn the right to play like it was back in the day! Some of us had to stand behind a qualified DJ and watch him or her play the night for years, before we were allowed to play a main set. As far as keeping the passion, actually when EDM big room music became super popular I really didn’t want to play during that time very much at all…

The music was something I wasn’t really feeling thus why I took the UG show off the air for a while. So, I just kind of hid and went under the radar but was watching from a far until I saw the music was starting to massively improve on the underground, so I knew that soon it would be time to resurface and do the show again…

I wasn’t sure where to take it when thankfully I saw Grant Nelson’s post about D3ep Radio opening up, I’d always played a lot of his and Swing City records over the years and looked to him as a credible artist & producer. I thought “yeah this is a solid guy, I can really see myself going to bat for his team”… We have some great shows DJ’s on the d3ep Radio team and was thrilled to see some familiar underground names in our midst and to meet so much great new young talent.

Now to be amongst all these great shows and DJ’s, it seemed like a perfect time to reemerge. This reignited the passion for bringing the Undisputed Grooves show back on the air and carrying on; as I’d been promising the fans I’d bring the show back at some point. The UG radio show has been on the air at various intervals over the last ten years, it just seemed like right now would be the perfect time for its return.

If you could go back in time and be involved in the club scene of any era, when would this be and why?
I think I’d go back to 1996 and do it all over again with the knowledge I’ve learned now. That was a bloody fun time back then and I got to work around some pretty major legends, which gave me the experience of learning how the pro’s get down in the booth. A lot of the memories were fantastic if a little fuzzy. I was only sixteen years old and somehow very quickly became the opening DJ, two nights a week in an over eighteen’s club! No complaints about that!

Who would be your dream guest on your show?

Armand Van Helden has always been dream somebody I really wanted to bring on… but so far it’s not happened.

If you could go B2B with any DJ on the planet, who would it be and where?

I would actually have to say, that it would be some of our own D3ep Dj’s because we have some amazing djs in our midst… Anywhere on the planet? That would have to be somewhere nice and sunny with a beach nearby, like the Greek islands or Ibiza… Actually, Ibiza is one of the few places I haven’t played there so I’d like to tick that off the list.

What was the last tune that was stuck in your head before this interview?

Actually the song I can’t escape from my mind is our UG track of the year (2014) which was ‘Withdrawal by Dubrocca” – it’s so flipping sexy! I sing it all the time in my office…

If you could have made any of the records you have played which one would it be and why?

Withdrawal by Dubrocca” because it’s just so flipping sexy, and right on point with the sound that Undisputed Grooves stands for at this point.

What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

Guilty pleasure? Actually, I would say it’s Classical music, I listen to really relaxing stuff at home to keep me calm because s#*t is busy right now… also really like meditation music, like Golden ohm type stuff…

If you could only listen to the same 5 records for the rest of your life, what would they be?

Midlake – Roscoe (Beyond The Wizard’s Sleeve Remix)
Nightcall – Kavinsky & Lovefoxxx
Wolfman featuring Peter Doherty – For Lovers
Just Aint no Love – Barbara Acklin
We are the people – Empire of the sun

Get up or Get Down?
Get Up!!


Too Hot or Too Cold?

Too Cold!

Piano or Bassline?


Yoda or Gandalf?

Yoda, I’m an avid Star Wars fan!!!

Facebook or Twitter?



Time to Go-Go, Undisputed Grooves, D3eP Radio v3 & Damien Jay @ All Luvdup uk 2016


Undisputed Grooves is back on D3EP RADIO v3

We’ll it’s November 2016 and we’ve not been able to post recently due to a bunch of things going on but yes we’re still on with Damien Jay dropping the beats weekly with global guest mix DJ’s. Thought we’d bring you a recap of some of the things going on:

Here are some of the podcasts since we started the show back up for a new series on the newly reworked and beautified D3ep Radio Network v3


Damien Jay_All Luv Dup_D3ep Radio_Undisputed Grooves.jpg

October 8th – Damien Jay played a 2hr set on this episode

DJ Amon Ra_Undisputed Grooves_D3epRadio.jpg

October 15th – Amon Ra was our out-of-space guest mix




“All LuvDup are back, 26th November Under The Prom #UTP in Cheltenham UK.
This month Weekend Offender brings you a special guest from Las Vegas USA,
The head Honcho of Undisputed Grooves, Damien Jay alongside The All Luvdup residents”

Jimmy Billz (For The Love Of House)
James Lee (D3EP)
Mike Granacki (
Mezar (Deep Inside)
J Adam (Frixion)
Ash Scott (All Luvdup)

Cheltenham UK are you ready?

Damien Jay_All LuvDup_dd3ep radio_James Lee_Undisputed Grooves.jpg



TIME TO GO GO – Dancing to save the Animals

Time To GoGo - teaser promo 2016_undisputed grooves (v3).jpg

Damien Jay is producing a dance music television project featuring The Unassuming Gentlemen, with music selected by Undisputed Grooves, so if you’re a dance music producer or artist make you submit your music to this project that is ‘dancing to save the animals because they can’t save themselves! Season one has begun filming at the best music festivals and parties in California, Las Vegas, Colorado and the United Kingdom. So far the soundtrack features State Unknown, Matt Darey & Nocturnal Music, JackEL, Rob Hayes and much more awesome underground artists.

Check out the website for more info on this fun project presented by The Unassuming Gentlemen:

Producers and labels submit your music to us 

Check out for more info


23rd April 2016 – Mark Edwards on d3ep radio’s UG – Damien Jay


Damien Jay dropped opened this episode of the show with new tracks from Dusky, Fort Romeau’s Remix of RY X, Kevin McKay, Metroplane and many more that you don’t want to miss.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Missy Elliott ‘WTF (Where They From) (Chris Lake Remix)


Bit of a slamming commercial break for our track of the week, in the form of Missy’s latest track.  Chris Lake gives it a fantastic spit and polish that’s guaranteed to move any dance floor with a bass line groover with a tweak of acid house undertones – check it!

GUEST MIX: Mark Edwards (d3ep radio)

We’ve been bringing many a great artist to you from around the world and some of them have been out fellow D3ep Radio Dj’s. This episode we invited Mr DJ Mark Edwards who has a show called Full House on the station. He started spinning tunes in the early 90’s and plays deep house with hints of house and soulful house. We hope you love his beats as much as we do!


Damien Jay is away on business for the next month so in the meantime we will be rerunning some of the greatest episodes of Undisputed Grooves on the  D3ep Radio station. When DJ returns you can expect more of the very best in cutting edge new dance music from both sides of the atlantic in that Undisputed style!


Listen to Undisputed Grooves weekly LIVE from Las Vegas timezone on Saturdays 5-7pm / Sundays 1am-3am on the UK timezone on






16th April – Damien Jay’s 1994-2005 House & Garage episode on d3ep radio

DJ Damien Jay d3ep.jpg

This was a special edition episode of the show live from Las Vegas with host DJ Damien Jay dropping some of the undisputed groove’s favourite classics 1994 to 2005 to move your feet!

CLASSIC TRACK OF THE WEEK: Best Party Ever – Toecutter & Jordan Lightyear

Best Party Ever.jpg

Guestmix: Damien Jay (UG, D3ep Radio)

There was no guest mix so Damien continued to drop more classic Undisputed Grooves including some UK garage, speed garage, house and more goodies to move your mind body and soul!

Listen & download this episode here

2016 - d3ep radio - no times square
Listen to Undisputed Grooves weekly LIVE from Las Vegas timezone on Saturdays 5-7pm / Sundays 1am-3am on the UK timezone on

9th April 2016 UG feat State Unknown on D3ep Radio


The show opened with DJ Damien Jay dropping a really sick promo track from U@T & Brew both who have been featured on Undisputed Grooves before. Then we moved into tracks for a rainy evening from Ten Ven, T Williams Remix, Kove ft. Kideko, The 2 Bears, Martin Ikin, Illyus & Barrientos and even some Romanthony.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Cassius ‘Go Up’ ft. Cat Power & Pharrell Williams Ibifornia

For the track of the week we unveiled the latest Cassius psychedelic House heater ‘Go Up’, the latest from their forthcoming album ‘Ibifornia’. Rumbling bass underlies this escalating Disco and Funk inspired production with captivating vocal chants from Cat Power and Pharrell Williams.

State Unknown.png

STATE UNKNOWN were our special guests dropping the beats style for the UG guest mix this week. For those who don’t know State Unknown is Uk garages legendary Ed Case teaming up with fellow excellent producer Dan Genal. We met these guys via D3ep radio and those who follow our show will know we’ve been playing a few great promos from this  production .the acclaimed UK London-based DJ, deep house, london town production and remix duo.

Watch out for watch out for our releases & freebies from Ed Case and Dan Genal.  State Unknown have tracks being featured in our Las Vegas media project called ‘Time to Go Go‘ – (coming 2016)!



 2016 - d3ep radio - no times square
Listen to Undisputed Grooves weekly LIVE from Las Vegas timezone on Saturdays 5-7pm / Sundays 1am-3am on the UK timezone on

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2nd April 2016 UG on d3ep radio feat Alex H

DJ Damien Jay.png

First hour of the show opened with Damien Jay dropping new tracks from Mat.Joe, Kattison, Billon on the Remix of Frances, a brand new Cassius remix and some other smoking white label promos from both sides of the Atlantic.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Love Me Like This (Icarus Mix) by Benjamin Carlisle [Insanity Records]


After dropping the instrumental version of this in late 2015, Benjamin Carlisle is back with the full vocal on ‘Love Me Like This’, which is the vocal mix of the tune Benjamin Carlisle ‘One’ (Icarus Remix)  on White Label we were dropping at the end of 2015 on the show. The up and coming Brooklyn based producer is a fast rising talent, and with the ever impressive Icarus alongside, this one’s set to be a winner!

GUEST MIX: Alex H (Undisputed Grooves 2004/2005)

If you ever looked at the history of undisputed grooves you’ll know it began at Edwards bar in Peterborough UK with weekly Friday and Saturday night parties in 2004, that would play commercial dance music and feel good house music sets,  sometimes even dropping R&B and party tunes with Damian Jay and Uncle T boosting the DJ booth the, with Duracell Kev back up dancer support (that guy used to go all night long – sometimes even when the music stopped). Anyway there was plenty of cool regular faces that would come and get down and get social to the hottest sounds around. One cool young lad called Alex H would  hang out, talk about the music and sometimes even play one or two tracks. Alex H also played with the crew at the other undisputed grooves party at Nusha bar in Cambridge.


Anyway we bumped into Alex H on social media and decided he should give you guys a taste of what he’s got 10 years later, and we think you’ll agree he definitely gets the undisputed stamp of approval with his excellent guest mix of wicked house music beats on the show!



Listen to Undisputed Grooves weekly LIVE from Las Vegas timezone on Saturdays 5-7pm or Sundays 1am-3am on the UK timezone on

 Las Vegas