DJ Damien Jay makes it into the history of house music with the godfather of the genre…

Jesse Saunders’ story is one of the most important in the history of popular culture. He is an American DJ, record producer, film producer and entrepreneur. He is one of the pioneers of house music, often cited as “the originator of house music” by critics and historians.

Jesse Saunders back in the day

His 1984 single, “On & On”, co-written with Vince Lawrence, was the first record with a house DJ as the artist that was pressed and sold to the public which launched the House music movement across the land.

The Originator of House Music

Eventually, his style of music would come to sell millions of records and CDs, take over the popular consciousness of millions of kids across the earth and cement the electronic revolution in music. 

Jesse has been featured in and even written books about the history of music and in 2020 released his latest edition “In Their Own Words,” Tells the Story of House Music from The Ones who lived it in a unique compilation of true stories.

Damien Jay is set to be one of the only DJs in Las Vegas chosen to be featured in this amazing book as a major influencing contributor to the house music scene from London to Las Vegas with his live DJ sets and radio shows that have spanned over 20 years.

Dj Damien Jay – hard at work

Damien Jay said “I’m extremely grateful that Jesse Saunders the godfather of our genre picked me as one of the chosen few to be featured in his new book about the history of house music – I was amazed that he picked me amongst all these DJs from around the world and that I finally got to tell my story with no filters in a way that should shock, entertain, and encourage others to follow the life path of the dance music DJ.”

In Their Own Words – By Jesse and friends

The book is a #1 Best Seller on Amazon and features 83 individual stories from people from London to Chicago and around the world detailing when they fell in love with house music, and the role house music played in their lives.  The book is a beautiful description of how house music touched so many during the 80s and 90s.   Detailing the timeline of the origination of house music, from how it emerged from the days of Disco to now, with so many proclaiming themselves to be “House Heads,” Jesse Saunders captures why house music remains more than a musical genre but a lifestyle that promotes love, peace, and unity.

Check out “In Their Own Words” on Amazon – click below


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