16th April – Damien Jay’s 1994-2005 House & Garage episode on d3ep radio

DJ Damien Jay d3ep.jpg

This was a special edition episode of the show live from Las Vegas with host DJ Damien Jay dropping some of the undisputed groove’s favourite classics 1994 to 2005 to move your feet!

CLASSIC TRACK OF THE WEEK: Best Party Ever – Toecutter & Jordan Lightyear

Best Party Ever.jpg

Guestmix: Damien Jay (UG, D3ep Radio)

There was no guest mix so Damien continued to drop more classic Undisputed Grooves including some UK garage, speed garage, house and more goodies to move your mind body and soul!

Listen & download this episode here


2016 - d3ep radio - no times square
Listen to Undisputed Grooves weekly LIVE from Las Vegas timezone on Saturdays 5-7pm / Sundays 1am-3am on the UK timezone on www.d3ep.com

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