It’s 2020; “Time to Go Go” so let’s get back on the Radio with Video Live-streaming – let’s get D3ep…

Undisputed Grooves back on the airwaves!

It’s been a few years hatius But we are back but rather than being able to listen to Damian J dropping the beats live from Las Vegas you can now watch fire video stream at the following Streaming websites belowAs well as being a live on On Saturdays at 4 PM Pacific standard Time, 7 PM Eastern time, or midnight in London/UK time. We’ve been setting up quite the technology system and the brand-new studioAnd have already began to select some epically amazing ‘Feelgood dance music’ beats for enjoy every weekend. #GetD3ep

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IT”S TIME TO GO GO! “Dancing to Save the Animals”

Mythical Creatures and Costume!

DJ Damien Jay and Undisputed Grooves is selecting the soundtrack for an amazing media project called ‘Time to Go-Go’ which is a television and digital media project featuring the hottest go- go dancers from around the world. It’s a dance music television program that promotes electronic dance music, using comedy and hilarious characters thrown into the mix.

Amazing moves on Time To Go Go

The incredible performers are “Dancing to Save the Animals”- raising money, and creating awareness to especially help aide the endangered species around the globe. Check out the Pilot Episode below:

Check out

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#SaveThemAll #dancingtosavetheanimals #timetogogo

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16th April – Damien Jay’s 1994-2005 House & Garage episode on d3ep radio

DJ Damien Jay d3ep.jpg

This was a special edition episode of the show live from Las Vegas with host DJ Damien Jay dropping some of the undisputed groove’s favourite classics 1994 to 2005 to move your feet!

CLASSIC TRACK OF THE WEEK: Best Party Ever – Toecutter & Jordan Lightyear

Best Party Ever.jpg

Guestmix: Damien Jay (UG, D3ep Radio)

There was no guest mix so Damien continued to drop more classic Undisputed Grooves including some UK garage, speed garage, house and more goodies to move your mind body and soul!

Listen & download this episode here

2016 - d3ep radio - no times square
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2nd April 2016 UG on d3ep radio feat Alex H

DJ Damien Jay.png

First hour of the show opened with Damien Jay dropping new tracks from Mat.Joe, Kattison, Billon on the Remix of Frances, a brand new Cassius remix and some other smoking white label promos from both sides of the Atlantic.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Love Me Like This (Icarus Mix) by Benjamin Carlisle [Insanity Records]


After dropping the instrumental version of this in late 2015, Benjamin Carlisle is back with the full vocal on ‘Love Me Like This’, which is the vocal mix of the tune Benjamin Carlisle ‘One’ (Icarus Remix)  on White Label we were dropping at the end of 2015 on the show. The up and coming Brooklyn based producer is a fast rising talent, and with the ever impressive Icarus alongside, this one’s set to be a winner!

GUEST MIX: Alex H (Undisputed Grooves 2004/2005)

If you ever looked at the history of undisputed grooves you’ll know it began at Edwards bar in Peterborough UK with weekly Friday and Saturday night parties in 2004, that would play commercial dance music and feel good house music sets,  sometimes even dropping R&B and party tunes with Damian Jay and Uncle T boosting the DJ booth the, with Duracell Kev back up dancer support (that guy used to go all night long – sometimes even when the music stopped). Anyway there was plenty of cool regular faces that would come and get down and get social to the hottest sounds around. One cool young lad called Alex H would  hang out, talk about the music and sometimes even play one or two tracks. Alex H also played with the crew at the other undisputed grooves party at Nusha bar in Cambridge.


Anyway we bumped into Alex H on social media and decided he should give you guys a taste of what he’s got 10 years later, and we think you’ll agree he definitely gets the undisputed stamp of approval with his excellent guest mix of wicked house music beats on the show!



Listen to Undisputed Grooves weekly LIVE from Las Vegas timezone on Saturdays 5-7pm or Sundays 1am-3am on the UK timezone on

 Las Vegas


(26/03/16) Damien Jay Undisputed Grooves


Damien Jay opened the show as usual with shiny new promo tracks and some guaranteed floor fillers from Après, Troyboi, Philip George & Dragonette and a major heater from Boys Noize ft. Remy Banks making this episode a jolly good knees up!

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Mambo Brothers – Momento


Having begun their journey as DJ’s and producers last year, Ibiza’s infamous Mambo Brothers are set to catapult themselves into the limelight with their debut release ‘Momento’ which landed as our track of the week via Toolroom. Laced with orchestral elements and faint echoing vocals, perfecting the big room sound for clubs and festivals around the world, the brothers have proven their production ability is just as formidable as their prowess behind the decks..

GUEST MIX: Damien Jay (Undisputed Grooves/d3ep radio)

The scheduled guest for this episode couldn’t make it so Damien jumped back on for the second hour of the show, playing some of the ‘best of’ tracks that had been sent in over the last few months that we know you’re going to just love.




Radio 1.jpg

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(03 5 2016) Damien Jay w Violin Girl & Michael Scalar on d3ep radio


This show was a shorty due to Muggins forgetting to test the stream on our new studio set up before going live… so whilst the world on the live-stream listened to a repeat of the previous week for 45 mins our scientists frantically ran around in lab coats. Eventually they figured out what it was, someone had left a cheese sandwich on the server… least we back got on the air just in time to play a few new ones before the track and guest mix for this special edition precursor show to the March 6th 2016 Tacos & Beer’s Nacho House Sunday party in Vegas! More on that to come;

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Grandé & Preset ‘Back To The…EP’ [Drenched]


Our UG track of the week was an tastemaker exclusive from Drenched honchos Grandé & Preset, who go back to their roots with this release of a solid dance floor fillers EP that will get you reminiscing about your raving memories – out favorite was ‘Feel Real Good’ but in honesty all of the tracks on the EP are bloody fantastic and would move floors around the world.

GUEST MIX: Violin Girl & Michael Scalar (ZeroPoint)

Amanda Marks, also known as Violin Girl, is a professional electric violinist and vocalist from Las Vegas and no stranger to the show. She played alongside Damien Jay & Dj Nateski for Techno Taco Tuesday at Tacos & Beer back in October 2015, in which previously she’s been on the D3ep Radio show for a interview and live jam session.

Violin Girl & damien Jay - tacos & beer.png

This week seeing as we’ve been talking about playing Violin Girls birthday bash (march 6th 2016 ) we though we’d give you a preview but first a recap; Amanda Marks or as she is know ‘Violin Girl’  has been studying violin since the age of two, and was vocally trained from age ten and has been performing live with plenty of dj’s of recent. She’s also one of Las Vegas Weekly’s Artists to Watch in 2016. For the guest mix she brought in her friend Michael Scalar to spin the tracks whilst she did her Violin Girl thing.

Michael Scalar is a Hawaiian native and Vegas party curator. and one of the blokes behind Zero Point! Which is party brand that as the sun sets, features high vibration dance music with bookings from well know Sound Shamans, Djs, and Producers. The aim being to create a spiritually stimulating freedom of expression and release through movement and celebration.

LISTEN TO THE PODCAST OF THIS EPISODE ON d3ep radio by clicking here




Nacho House Sunday is a weekly event that takes place on the patio of Taco’s & Beer (las vegas) where they showcase only the best house music, the coolest Vegas house heads and the occasional international DJ or two. The parties gracious host Taco’s & Beer continues to serve up the adult beverages and delicious food all while simultaneously providing us with a cozy patio that serves as a blank canvas which allows our local house colors to shine.

Special week this week at Nacho House Sunday because we will be celebrating the birthday of Las Vegas’s own Amanda Marks (Violin Girl)…  Got to love those Pisces.

This weeks line up on Sunday 6th March 2016:

– Damien Jay (Undisputed Grooves / D3ep Radio)
– Violin Girl (Bday Celebration)
– Michael Scalar (Zero Point)
– Erin BlackIrish (Nacho House)
– Daniel Martinez (Vegas)

As always Nacho House Sunday residents Tony Comfort Jones, Bruno Browning and Casey Beats will be ready to lay it down if the party goes until the sun comes up. 🙂

Tacos & Beer
3900 Paradise Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89169



(02 20 2016) Damien Jay w Jaegerossa on d3ep radios Undisputed Grooves



This weeks edition of Undisputed Grooves featured a guest mix from UK chappies Jaegerossa and kicked off Damien Jay dropping spanking new heaters from Bump ‘N’ Flex, T.Williams & Solomon Grey, The Sol Brothers with a 2016 rework of ‘Turn me on turn me out’ and many more!

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Protoje Ft. Chronixx ‘Who Knows’ (Shy FX Remix) [Mr Bongo]


The Track of the Week was a break from the house music norm with an infectious reggae and d&b sound, featuring Jamaican singer Chronixx; getting a brilliant remix treatment from the legendary drum and bass producer, DJ Shy FX. , breathing new life into the track.

GUEST MIX: Jaegerossa – uk


This week we had a brilliant journey from the Mixers & makers of house funk and disco type beats; Chris Hunter & Phil Rose, together as Jaegerossa! These guys have one of the biggest club nights in the UK’s Northern House scene called ‘The Edit’ which continues to go from strength to strength.


These two cheeky chappies also have their own version of ‘The Edit’ on the D3EP Radio network. You definately check out Jaegerossa & The Edit on d3ep:

The edit - d3ep - Jaegerossa 2016

Undisputed Grooves and Damien Jay to play Nacho house Sunday at Tacos & Beer in Las Vegas on 6th March 2016 with our very own Violin Girl for her Birthday along with Michael Scalar (Zero Point) & Tony Comfort Jones on the ones & twos 🙂

Pop it in your diary as this will be one you don’t want to miss!! 😉

A night of Tacos, beer and great underground house music! :o)

   damienjayScreen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.31.28 PM

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(02 06 2016) Damien Jay & Bruno Browning on d3ep radios Undisputed Grooves

This weeks edition of Undisputed Grooves featured Damien Jay dropping new tracks from Glasgow Underground, State Unknown, Matt Zo and more track including some funky ones…

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Aprés – Prophet


Continuing to build on Love & Others stellar reputation Après dips back into original craftsmanship with a sentimental offering for listening, for dancing, for loving as our track of the week. TUUUUUNNEE ALERT!!

GUEST MIX: Bruno Browning (Soul Supplement Records)

Bruno Browing - Dj - Soul Supplement records .jpg


Bruno Browning is a Las Vegas-based resident DJ / Producer and also the label boss of independent house label, Soul Supplement. Bruno is also a resident DJ at Las Vegas underground night Nacho House Sundays at Tacos & Beer where you can always find a great line up of local LV dj house music talent!


Check out the Bruno Browning & Soul Supplement Records on social media:

Soul Supplement records (2).jpg

Soul Supplement Records was founded in 2006. Their goal was to create a Las Vegas sound. In May 2006, Soul Supplement released their first 12″ titled Lessons, and quickly followed it up in 2007 with their second 12″ release, Light. Although 2007 would sadly mark the last of Soul Supplement’s vinyl releases, the change in format has provided for a more consistent release schedule as well as the release of bonus mixes that might not have made it onto a vinyl release due to space limitations. Early on, Soul Supplement production relied mostly on hardware and was very reluctant in embracing the use of a lot of software in their music process. Their opinions eventually changed as a result of experimenting with hundreds of different software/hardware combinations and studio setups. After countless different studio configurations, the Soul Supplement team found that they could create their best sounds by combining their favorite analog gear with today’s premiere production software. Blending these two different systems has helped Soulsupplement Records to create their own unique sound.

Undisputed Grooves and Damien Jay to play Nacho house Sunday at Tacos & Beer in Las Vegas on 6th March 2016 with our very own Violin Girl for her Birthday along with Michael Scalar (Zero Point) & Tony Comfort Jones on the ones & twos 🙂

Pop it in your diary as this will be one you don’t want to miss!! 😉

A night of Tacos, beer and great underground house music! :o)

   damienjayScreen Shot 2015-12-13 at 3.31.28 PM

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