23rd April 2016 – Mark Edwards on d3ep radio’s UG – Damien Jay


Damien Jay dropped opened this episode of the show with new tracks from Dusky, Fort Romeau’s Remix of RY X, Kevin McKay, Metroplane and many more that you don’t want to miss.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Missy Elliott ‘WTF (Where They From) (Chris Lake Remix)


Bit of a slamming commercial break for our track of the week, in the form of Missy’s latest track.  Chris Lake gives it a fantastic spit and polish that’s guaranteed to move any dance floor with a bass line groover with a tweak of acid house undertones – check it!

GUEST MIX: Mark Edwards (d3ep radio)

We’ve been bringing many a great artist to you from around the world and some of them have been out fellow D3ep Radio Dj’s. This episode we invited Mr DJ Mark Edwards who has a show called Full House on the station. He started spinning tunes in the early 90’s and plays deep house with hints of house and soulful house. We hope you love his beats as much as we do!


Damien Jay is away on business for the next month so in the meantime we will be rerunning some of the greatest episodes of Undisputed Grooves on the  D3ep Radio station. When DJ returns you can expect more of the very best in cutting edge new dance music from both sides of the atlantic in that Undisputed style!


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2nd April 2016 UG on d3ep radio feat Alex H

DJ Damien Jay.png

First hour of the show opened with Damien Jay dropping new tracks from Mat.Joe, Kattison, Billon on the Remix of Frances, a brand new Cassius remix and some other smoking white label promos from both sides of the Atlantic.

TRACK OF THE WEEK: Love Me Like This (Icarus Mix) by Benjamin Carlisle [Insanity Records]


After dropping the instrumental version of this in late 2015, Benjamin Carlisle is back with the full vocal on ‘Love Me Like This’, which is the vocal mix of the tune Benjamin Carlisle ‘One’ (Icarus Remix)  on White Label we were dropping at the end of 2015 on the show. The up and coming Brooklyn based producer is a fast rising talent, and with the ever impressive Icarus alongside, this one’s set to be a winner!

GUEST MIX: Alex H (Undisputed Grooves 2004/2005)

If you ever looked at the history of undisputed grooves you’ll know it began at Edwards bar in Peterborough UK with weekly Friday and Saturday night parties in 2004, that would play commercial dance music and feel good house music sets,  sometimes even dropping R&B and party tunes with Damian Jay and Uncle T boosting the DJ booth the, with Duracell Kev back up dancer support (that guy used to go all night long – sometimes even when the music stopped). Anyway there was plenty of cool regular faces that would come and get down and get social to the hottest sounds around. One cool young lad called Alex H would  hang out, talk about the music and sometimes even play one or two tracks. Alex H also played with the crew at the other undisputed grooves party at Nusha bar in Cambridge.


Anyway we bumped into Alex H on social media and decided he should give you guys a taste of what he’s got 10 years later, and we think you’ll agree he definitely gets the undisputed stamp of approval with his excellent guest mix of wicked house music beats on the show!



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